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How to Create Dashboards in ARKA 360

How to Create Dashboards in ARKA 360?

Welcome back to the ARKA 360 How-to-guide! Today, we delve into one of our most potent tools and a highly sought-after feature of our ARKA 360 OS—the dashboard page. This guide serves as your gateway upon logging in, offering an expansive array of functionalities designed to streamline your solar sales analysis.

With the dashboard page at your fingertips, you gain access to a comprehensive overview of your data across multiple dimensions of solar sales, including insights into sales representatives' performance, financial metrics, lead generation, permitting progress, proposal status, and installation tracking. Everything you need to drive informed decision-making is conveniently consolidated within our software ecosystem.

The beauty of our dashboard lies in its versatility and adaptability to your unique role, territory, and specific requirements. You have the freedom to fully customize your dashboard, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your preferences and priorities.

Crafting personalized dashboards is a breeze—all it takes is a few clicks. By simply clicking on the pencil icon, you're granted access to our intuitive editing interface, where you can fine-tune widgets, graphs, and various elements to suit your needs. Whether you're looking to tweak the visualization style, adjust data sources, or rename widgets for clarity, our platform empowers you with unparalleled flexibility.

Did you know? ARKA 360 supercharges solar designs for precision and accuracy. 🚀

Customize Your Dashboard and Tailor it to Your Preferences with ARKA 360

The customization doesn't stop there. If you prefer a hands-off approach or simply don't have the time to design your dashboard from scratch, we've got you covered. Our team is more than happy to create a customized dashboard tailored specifically to your requirements.

Just schedule a consultation with us, and we'll work closely with you to build a dashboard that delivers actionable insights aligned with your objectives. This service is particularly valuable for sales professionals who seek a comprehensive overview of their tasks, leads, pipeline metrics, cancellation rates, close rates, and more—all tailored to their unique workflow and objectives.

How to Create Dashboards in ARKA 360?

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your solar sales analysis? Schedule a demo today to explore how ARKA 360 can empower you with customizable dashboards that drive efficiency, productivity, and success. And remember, your feedback is invaluable to us.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or specific requests for future videos, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to support your journey towards solar sales excellence.