The first and only of its kind made for Solar CRM.

“I spent nearly $50,000 to customise Salesforce to do this” - An actual customer of ours said this

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Co-Created With Solar Installers

We developed ARKA 360 for solar installers based on hundreds of calls and interviews with installers. As a result, ARKA 360 CRM understands that your contacts can have multiple projects and that sales pipelines are different from operations pipelines and support pipelines. We know the type of data from a survey that needs to be filled in, and how a contract should be set up and signed. While others talk about it, ARKA 360 is the real deal. It actually works!

Bring all your teams and all your business processes on our simple, single, integrated platform and see your productivity rise and costs fall.  

Contacts, Projects, Jobs, Systems -
All in One Place

Stop tracking leads in one tool, proposals in another, survey data in a third tool and projects in a fourth tool. ARKA 360 has a single data platform end-to-end

Increase and accelerate your conversions by empowering sales reps to setup appointments, invites and assigning leads to designers, contract team, support folks etc all from a single platform. Reduce multiple iterations and sell better, faster driving both saving and ROI

Customizable Sales Dashboards

Empower sales managers to prioritize, track, and monitor deals within their pipeline, enabling effective sales process management. Make your teams collaborate better.

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Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Powerful Integrations

Efficiently and seamlessly integrates with our cutting-edge Solar Design software enabling faster delivery of customized proposals, fewer change requests and higher close. Integrates with your website, financial systems and other 3rd party tools.

See How it Works

ARKA 360 provides a configurable dashboard for both sales and admin accounts. Users can create multiple dashboards, tailoring them to their specific needs. The dashboards can include a variety of widgets to display key performance indicators (KPIs) and graphs. The platform offers robust lead management capabilities, allowing users to track and manage leads efficiently. It provides visibility into lead performance across different categories.

Customer Reviews

Kim Kring
-Operations Manager
   Greater Texas Solar

"The customer service at ARKA360 is so helpful. They are fast and friendly. I can pick up my phone and call or text them and they are right there with support".

James Darabi
   Solar Farm Inc

"I like to do everything by my phone and ARKA 360 CRM turns out to be the perfect pick for me.".

Energize your Solar Business with ARKA 360

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