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Model solar sites confidently in under 5 minutes with ARKA 360's Solar Design version built specially for Salespeople

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Design Proposals That Win

Create beautiful, high-converting, easy-to-sign solar design & sales proposals in minutes instead of hours. Win more business. Delight customers for life

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Desktop and Mobile illustration

The #1 Hook installers have
Create stunning high converting and accurate and professional solar designs in a snap.
Send your prospect a QR code which opens into a beautiful 3D render of their roof.

Award Winning Sales Proposals
Attract prospects with a simple proposal or a detailed one - your choice which template you want to use. Be done with messy spreadsheets and focus on data that helps you close. Offer multiple design options with brevity to prospects - IF they want more choice

AI-Assisted Faster Proposals

Easily create precise designs and explore different options with adders to find the best fit for your prospect's needs.

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Proposals in Minutes

Collaborate with team members to get a review of the design you've made or assign them a task or write them a comment asking them for more info. Send the proposal through a share-able weblink or pdf file.

Desktop and Mobile illustrationDesktop and Mobile illustrationDesktop and Mobile illustrationDesktop and Mobile illustration

Attract clients with thorough, fast, yet exhaustive proposals. Make shorter turnaround with accuracy your strength. Enable your sales team to revise proposals and designs on their own with our design tool. Enable your sales team to get instant designs or design reviews. Saves time and money.

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