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One Platform For All Your Solar Projects.

Attend a live, free demo and walk through the creation of solar sales proposal from start to finish. In addition, you'll get access to personalized consultation and access to premium services available exclusively on the ARKA 360 platform.

✅ World's Best Solar Design Software

✅ Seamless Lead Management

✅ One Stop Shop - PV Permit Package Platform

✅ Premium Support and a lot more.

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AI-Assisted Faster Design Creation.

Create simple, accurate and quick designs. View your design in 3D or 2D. Discover multiple iterations and choose the best option depending on your client specification.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Smarter Energy Profiling & Modeling.

Generate detailed electrical diagrams for utility-scale or residential projects in minutes. Choose from a variety of mounting templates and panel tilt values. Draw-in obstacles of any shape using the polygon tool and more.


Accurate Simulations & Shading Analysis.

Predict your monthly, quarterly and annual power production and losses seamlessly. Simulate shading patterns for any day of the year and generate reliable heat maps.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Award Winning Sales Proposals.

Attract clients with thorough yet exhaustive proposals. Proposals that converts leads into paying customers. Be done with messy spreadsheets and focus on the key growth metrics. Offer multiple financial solutions with brevity.


Selling Solar Is Now Easy.

Faster Turnarounds.

Sell better and faster. With a definitive sales plan and pricing system, create a personalised experience for each prospect.

Increased Conversions.

Increase conversions by bringing sales & designs on a single platform. Offer multiple iterations seamlessly & efficiently.

High Accuracy Designs.

Detailed terrain mapping aided by computer vision allows upto 99% accuracy in shade mapping, resulting in higher accuracy designs.

What our users have been saying.

"ARKA 360 solves for all our use-cases effortlessly and links our sales process perfectly."


Designer, Suntastic

"ARKA 360 combines shadow effects, generation data and financials all in one place, helping us sell more solar."

Ankit Doshi

Designer, Waaree

"With customised sales proposals, we can now give multiple options to customers, helping them make an informed decision."


Designer, M+ Solar