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Everything You Need For Solar Designs

Everything you need to create compelling designs, proposals, and permit packages in a super friendly, easy-to-use UI package. Extensive design features for accurate modelling, geometry, load profiling, simulations, 3D visualization, Shading analysis and Sales support to help you sell better, faster.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Built for Solar Design Engineers

Solar system design built by keeping your engineers/designers in mind. Allow our responsive engineering interface to do all the heavy lifting for you. See team productivity grow with our cloud based sharing & collaboration platform.

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ARKA 360 Design Studio can re-use the basic sales design & proposal generated from the basic Designer and help your engineers create high-quality and detailed designs for the contractors and permit packages. You save time on redoing the initial design and our powerful tools cover all aspects of the design needed to close and execute the installation.

Powerful Capabilities


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Smarter Designing

Design complex use-cases with ease with our powerful and accurate layout automation. Share designs easily with team members and collaborators. Get in-studio help and assistance

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Automated System Design

Our best in class integrated CAD environment, gives you real time feedback as you drag and drop modules, inverters, wirings & BOS components. Powered by cutting-edge algorithms running thousands of combinations, our design studio not only automatically generates azimuth, tilt and inter-row spacing for best results, but also seamlessly converts 3D measurements into construction ready 2D plans.

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Intelligent & EfficientDesigns

Experience the increased convenience with ARKA 360’s ever-growing and  constantly updated extensive component library that allows you to generate multiple strings of panels with a single click of the fill face button. Customize your easy-to-export designs with alterable orientation choices, tilt and azimuth angles, frame sizes or number of modules. Helping you generate the most cost-effective system & maximize savings for your clients.

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Advanced CAD

ARKA 360 studio designer includes one of the most advanced solar CAD suites for Solar Site Modelling

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Smarter Drawings

Easily insert & replicate similar sized obstacles with multiple shortcuts. Smartly account for shadow casting by obstructions, while simulating sun's movement throughout the year seamlessly.

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Smarter Obstructions

Easily insert & replicate similar sized obstacles with multiple shortcuts. Smartly account for shadow casting by obstructions, while simulating sun's movement throughout the year seamlessly.


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Smarter Shading Analysis

From water tanks to vents to vegetation; estimate the effects of every obstacle on your rooftop or ground mount design seamlessly & effortlessly without manually visiting the design site every single time.

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Automated System Design

Generate detailed electrical diagrams for utility-scale or residential projects in minutes. Choose from a variety of mounting templates and panel tilt values. Draw-in obstacles of any shape using the polygon tool and more.

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Estimate Bill of Material

From MPPTs to Inverters to panels, seamlessly add or remove number of BOS components as per your design. Avoid last minutes surprises, build trust with the customer by sharing everything upfront.

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Smart Report

ARKA 360’s cutting-edge irradiance engine gives you year-round solar access & isolation values, with both heat maps and solar access maps. However the final placement decision lies with you. With ARKA 360, you can confidently share remote shading analysis reports in formats officially accepted by lease financing providers and public institutions.


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Accurate Simulation &Shading Analysis

High Accuracy Design - Detailed terrain mapping aided by computer vision allows upto 99% accuracy in shade mapping, resulting in higher accuracy designs.

Predict your monthly, quarterly and annual power production and losses seamlessly. Simulate shading patterns for any day of the year and generate reliable heat maps.

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Solar energy performance simulations

How much sun do you receive per year? Do you receive more daylight hours in summer than in winter? Reproduce the sun's behaviour for any day of the year.

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Smarter Simulations - Simulate Power Generation

Predict your design's performance with simple metrics - annual production, power ratio and specific power generation. Empower your clients to make better and more informed decisions.

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Smarter Load Profiling

Estimate how much energy does your client consume per day? Assess & model their energy consumptions over 24 hours for different seasons.

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Accurate Energy Consumption Modelling

AI-enabled Industry leading, string-level simulation engine gives you the best predictions & plant performance at the micro level. Accurate hourly energy consumption tracking allows better financial modelling.

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Global Weather Coverage

Using reliable global direct and diffuse irradiation data, determine your clients' monthly AC and DC power generation smartly & effortlessly.

Sales & Financial Proposals

ARKA 360's proposal generation engine, at click of a button, pulls design & financial information along with placeholder data seamlessly into customised professional looking sales proposals. Empowering you to serve clients all over the globe with a touch of personalisation.

Capture your client's attention with simplified, informational, beautiful proposals that include:

  • Bill of Materials
  • Heat Map
  • Estimated Savings
  • Solar Access
Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Smarter Financial Insights

Now with ARKA 360's cutting-edge financial modelling tools you can now model everything from payments, to loans, to RESCO and CAPEX models, to leases & PPAs at click of a button without ever going back to those legacy manual processes or even those patchy tools including host of third party standalone applications & spreadsheets. Help your customer make better informed decision, they'll do the rest for you.


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"The best tool for designing rooftop solar systems."

The most impressive aspect of the software is its remarkable speed. It enables us to design the system efficiently and present it to the client promptly.

Ankit M.

Founder/ WRS Energy Solution

"ARKA 360 provides the best support in the industry."

They have the team and systems in place to help customers and contractors through every step of the process. They go above and beyond in customer service and support!

Criag W.

Rise Power/ Energy Advisor

"Very detailed design tool and user friendly."

The professionalism of the custom quotes I can create for homeowners. Customer support is top notch and very quick.

Jason L.

Founder/ Megawatt Brothers

"Great Time Saving & InsIght Tool for Solar Pre-Sales Designs"

While pitching to our client this 3D design along with thorough analysis reports makes our company and brand stand out from local installer and vendor.

Varun R.

Solar Professional

"There is a wide range of choices available along with CRM"

ARKA 360 helps me to get the accurate generation and the automatic SLD option with variety of tools. easy to make ground mount and commercial project, best for residential project.

Rohit D.

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