Business 360

  • Beautiful Proposals
  • Your Business 360 Solution
  • 360 Design
  • Sign Contracts
  • Finance Approvals
  • Install Ops
  • Everything Solar

Service 360

  • Place service orders with a tap
  • Get Proposals in 10 minutes
  • AHJ ready Permit Packages
  • PE Stamps across the country 

Support 360

  • Stuck on a tricky Design?
  • Software not working the way it should?
  • Need a quick tip or training session?
  • One Chat or Call away
  • #1 Support rating across all solar software

Future 360

  • Commercial & Industrial Design
  • Ground Mount Design
  • Hybrid Inverters
  • LIDAR Modeling
  • Integration with other software

Energize your Solar Business with ARKA 360

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Desktop and Mobile illustration

Go Digital for Real:

We made this end to end solar platform after speaking to hundreds of solar installers to make sure our software adapts to your workflow and improves that, and we're not something you have to massively change the way you work to use our software effectively

Take your business digital, reduce human errors, save on costs and serve your customers better

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CRM+ Made for Solar

From capturing leads to filling in site survey information to reminding you to call Tom now as he said he would close the sale today after speaking to his wife and a lot more solar features, this is not the average CRM.

ARKA 360 is tailor-made for Solar.  Many installers we spoke to tried to spend $50k+ customizing Salesforce and others. Still didn't work hand in glove.  

ARKA 360 will seem like this was what you always wanted to sell solar.

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Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Simple Sales Design & Proposals

Design & CRM in one software made especially for Salespeople to design by themselves. Salespeople can do just about everything helped by AI and the easy to use design features

Send prospects a beautiful proposal with accurate design, solar and battery energy analysis and financials within minutes.

Empower your sales team to sell more, faster

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Advanced Design Studio

ARKA 360’s powerful Design Studio is made for technical salespeople and engineers with full 3D Design, modeling to the inch, advanced 3D Lidar analysis, energy and storage simulations and Proposal Generator.

We produce comprehensive proposals and CAD .dxf file exports that facilitate permitting

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Expert Design Services

We're not the typical outsourcing permit vendor. We built the most advanced design software on the market. We have many experienced design engineers on board.

We do quality technical work with in-depth knowledge of design engineering that we've gathered over the last 5 years ARKA 360 has been in existence. ARKA 360 EDS for peace of mind.


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Custom Services

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Responsive Support

We understand this is a business critical software. There are times you need urgent support on a design, a bug or training. Our real customer support agents have an average response time of 5 minutes. Truly Industry First.

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Energize your Solar Business with ARKA 360

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