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Empower Your Surveys with Editable Site Survey Forms | ARKA 360

Empower Your Surveys with Editable Site Survey Forms | ARKA 360

Site survey forms stand as indispensable tools for organizations seeking valuable insights from clients or users. In this extensive guide, we'll delve into the intricate process of creating and effectively utilizing these forms. By meticulously following each step outlined below, you'll not only craft a tailored form but also streamline the process of gathering and analyzing responses.

Step 1:

Accessing Organization Settings for Form Creation Embark on your journey by navigating to the organizational settings, the gateway to unleashing the power of site survey forms. Within this realm, locate the sacred ground labeled "site survey form," where only the privileged administrators hold the keys to form creation.

Step 2:

Crafting Your Form Harness the creative potential by initiating the form creation process with a simple click on the "create form" button. Here, the canvas is yours to paint with a form title, description, and meticulously structured sections, each poised to capture the essence of user input.

Step 3:

Tailoring Questions and Response Types Dive deep into the nuances of user engagement within each section, as you mold questions and meticulously select the response types. From the crisp brevity of short responses to the expansive canvas of paragraphs, the possibilities are endless, ensuring every query finds its perfect match.

Empower Your Surveys with Editable Site Survey Forms | ARKA 360

Step 4:

Personalizing Response Options Elevate the user experience by infusing your form with a plethora of response options, meticulously curated to align with the nuances of user preferences. Within each multiple-choice question, carve pathways with options like "three-phase," "single phase," and the enigmatic "other," fostering inclusivity and precision in data collection.

Step 5:

Enriching the Form Experience Ascend to new heights of form sophistication by embellishing your creation with multimedia elements. Embed captivating images, uploaded informative videos, and marked fields as required, ensuring a seamless user journey enriched with visual stimuli and essential guidance.

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Step 6:

Navigating the Form's Evolution As the form takes shape, bask in the satisfaction of creation and seamlessly transition to the preview stage. Here, immerse yourself in the form's visual manifestation, ensuring each element harmonizes to deliver an unparalleled user experience. Toggle the user guide for added assistance, guiding users through every step with precision.

Step 7:

Propagating the Form's Reach With the form polished to perfection, it's time to unleash its potential upon the world. Share your masterpiece with clients and stakeholders, ushering them into a realm of informed decision-making and collaborative engagement. Activate the user guide toggle to illuminate the path to data enlightenment for every respondent.

Step 8:

Unveiling the Treasure Trove of Responses As responses flood in, revel in the abundance of data at your fingertips. With a mere click, immerse yourself in the sea of insights, analyzing trends, identifying patterns, and charting the course for informed decision-making. Each response is a beacon guiding the organization toward greater heights of success.


The creation and utilization of site survey forms represent a pivotal juncture in the journey of organizational growth and enlightenment. Armed with the knowledge imparted in this guide, you possess the tools to craft bespoke forms and harness the power of data-driven decision-making. So, embark on this journey with confidence, and let your site survey forms pave the way for a future defined by informed choices and strategic advancements.