Solar Energy Performance Simulations

How much sun do you receive per year? Do you receive more daylight hours in summer than in winter? Reproduce the sun's behaviour for any day of the year.


Solar Energy Performance Simulations, Made Simple.

Desktop and Mobile illustration

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Simulate Power Generation.

Predict your design's performance with simple metrics; annual production, power ratio and specific power generation. Empower your clients to make better and more informed decisions.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Estimate Bill Of Material.

From MPPTs to Inverters to panels, seamlessly add or remove number of BOS components as per your design. Avoid last minutes surprises, build trust with the customer by sharing everything upfront.


Selling Solar Is Now Easy.

Faster Turnarounds.

Sell better and faster. With a definitive sales plan and pricing system, create a personalised experience for each prospect.

Increased Conversions.

Increase conversions by bringing sales & designs on a single platform. Offer multiple iterations seamlessly & efficiently.

High Accuracy Designs.

Detailed terrain mapping aided by computer vision allows upto 99% accuracy in shade mapping, resulting in higher accuracy designs.

One Stop Solution For Solar.

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"ARKA 360 solves for all our use-cases effortlessly and links our sales process perfectly."


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"ARKA 360 combines shadow effects, generation data and financials all in one place, helping us sell more solar."

Ankit Doshi

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"With customised sales proposals, we can now give multiple options to customers, helping them make an informed decision."


Designer, M+ Solar