Top 5 Best Sales & Ops Planning Software For Solar Businesses 2024

Top 5 Best Sales & Ops Planning Software For Solar Businesses 2024

In the rapidly evolving solar industry, effective sales and operations planning is crucial for businesses aiming to optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and drive sustainable growth. The right software solutions play a pivotal role in achieving these objectives. This article explores the top Sales and ops Planning Software for solar businesses in 2024.

Why We Need Sales & Ops Planning Software

Solar businesses face the challenge of balancing sales and operational aspects to ensure seamless performance. Sales & Ops Planning Software provides a holistic view of the enterprise, facilitating strategic decision-making, efficient planning, and improved collaboration among different business functions.

Top 5 Sales & Ops Planning Software

1. Anaplan


Description: Anaplan offers a transformative way to visualize, plan, and run businesses. Utilizing its proprietary Hyperblock™ technology, Anaplan enables real-time performance contextualization and future outcome forecasting, empowering businesses to make faster, confident decisions. Anaplan facilitates connected strategy and planning across enterprises, with over 200 partners and more than 2,000 customers worldwide.


  • Real-time performance contextualization.
  • Forecasting for faster decision-making.
  • Connected strategy and planning across enterprises.

Pricing: Contact Anaplan for pricing details.

Accessibility on Devices: Accessible on various devices for real-time planning.

Ease of Use: Intuitive platform for connected strategy and planning.


2. Streamline


Description: Streamline is the world’s leading Supply Chain Planning Platform with Dynamic Simulation. Positioned as an integrated demand planning and forecasting solution, Streamline provides mid-sized businesses, including manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, with tools to optimize inventory management. The platform incorporates modern planning technologies and strategies to streamline demand planning, inventory planning, production planning, MRP, and supply planning.


  • AI-driven demand forecasting.
  • Inventory optimization and replenishment plans.
  • Production planning and MRP.
  • Supplier management and supply chain visibility.

Pricing: Visit Streamline for pricing information.

Accessibility on Devices: Accessible on various devices for demand and supply planning.

Ease of Use: User-friendly interface for streamlined planning.


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3. Netstock


Description: Netstock's Predictive Planning Suite™ integrates seamlessly into leading ERPs, empowering businesses to optimize inventory while adapting to changes in supply and demand. Leveraging powerful intelligence in ERP data, Netstock enhances inventory visibility, enabling quicker orders, minimizing stock-outs, reducing excess inventory, and optimizing capacity planning in the supply chain.


  • Integration with leading ERPs for inventory optimization.
  • Enhanced inventory visibility for informed decisions.
  • Quick order placement and stock-out minimization.

Pricing: Contact Netstock for pricing details.

Accessibility on Devices: Accessible on various devices for predictive planning.

Ease of Use: User-friendly platform for inventory optimization.


4. Leafio AI Retail Platform

Leafio AI Retail Platform

Description: Leafio AI Retail Platform empowers retailers, distributors, and CPG manufacturers with comprehensive supply chain solutions in inventory management, planogram optimization, merchandising management, and assortment planning. With a presence in over 20 countries and trusted by more than 180 retail companies, Leafio AI revolutionizes how businesses manage their supply chain processes.


  • Accurate demand forecasting with advanced algorithms.
  • Automated order generation and multi-echelon replenishment optimization.
  • Macro/micro space management and planogram generation automation.
  • Category management optimization and shelf space performance management.

Pricing: Contact Leafio AI for pricing information.

Accessibility on Devices: Accessible on various devices for comprehensive supply chain solutions.

Ease of Use: User-friendly interface for retail supply chain optimization.


5. Pigment


Description: Pigment is a business planning platform that brings together people, data, and processes into an intuitive, adaptable, and integrated platform. Trusted by industry-leading companies like Klarna, Figma, Airtable, PVH, and Webhelp, Pigment allows teams to build trusted strategic and operational business plans for growth and adaptability.


  • Integrated business planning for strategic decision-making.
  • Adaptability for reacting to change and future-proofing.
  • Trusted by industry leaders for confident and accurate decisions.

Pricing: Contact Pigment for pricing details.

Accessibility on Devices: Accessible on various devices for integrated business planning.

Ease of Use: Intuitive and adaptable platform for strategic decision-making.



Selecting the right Sales and ops Planning Software is paramount for solar businesses striving to balance sales and operational efficiency. The featured solutions – Anaplan, Streamline, Netstock, Leafio AI Retail Platform, and Pigment – offer diverse features catering to the specific needs of solar businesses. Whether it's real-time contextualization, demand planning, inventory optimization, or comprehensive supply chain solutions, these platforms empower solar businesses to make informed decisions, enhance efficiency, and drive sustainable growth in 2024. Choose the solution that aligns with your business requirements and propels your sales and operations planning to new heights.