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How to String Solar Modules with ARKA 360

How to String Solar Modules with ARKA 360?

We are thrilled to present a potent engineering feature found inside our all-inclusive suite as we return to our ARKA 360 training series. It is difficult to overestimate how much this capability will help with permits, electrical work, and correct production readings within ARKA 360, even though it may go into technical territory.

Using our platform, you may strategically string inverters based on their string capacity, which improves system performance and efficiency. To improve your productivity, let's examine this capability in more detail.

Efficient Stringing of Solar Modules Simplified with ARKA 360

Accessing the inverter properties menu after installing a Solar Edge inverter on your system provides a plethora of information, including as manufacturer data, MPPT specs, azimuth, mount height, and more. Changes can be made as necessary under the DC cable properties section. Still, the brilliance of stringing possibilities shines in the MPPT portion.

How to String Solar Modules with ARKA 360?

Selecting the first string reveals the minimum and maximum values, providing setup flexibility. If more strings are needed, all it takes is one click to "add string" to have them integrated into the system layout. Simplifying the process, the interface simply counts the amount of strings.

When stringing configurations are complete, you can view your system's rendering by saving the modifications and going to the performance calculation area. This function comes in very handy when figuring out how big of a wire to use, how much wire to use, and whether or not to use conduit. It's a thorough answer that simplifies project planning and execution by addressing important logistical issues.

Did you know? ARKA 360 turns solar complexities into a streamlined process. 🚀

Additionally, our specialized wire sizing calculator, which is easily accessible via the given link, complements this capability. Whether it's a tap or a line, this multipurpose instrument offers comprehensive insights into the particular requirements of your solar panels and inverters. This calculator is a lifesaver when it comes to wire size and conduit planning; it will move your project forward with assurance and accuracy.


ARKA 360's engineering suite offers a robust set of tools designed to empower users in every aspect of their solar projects. From efficient stringing options to comprehensive wire sizing calculations, our platform equips you with the insights and resources needed to navigate complex engineering tasks with ease. As you equip the full potential of these features, you'll find yourself propelled toward project success with clarity and efficiency.