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Enhanced DC and AC Cable Stringing Visualization | ARKA 360

Enhanced DC and AC Cable Stringing Visualization | ARKA 360

Welcome to our exploration of ARKA 360's latest advancements in simplifying solar power system design through its enhanced user interface (UI) for stringing.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the array of improved features that aim to revolutionize the design process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

From the introduction of color-coded branches and unique identifiers to the seamless export feature to AutoCAD, ARKA 360 is poised to elevate your design workflow to unprecedented levels of efficiency and clarity.

Enhanced DC and AC Cable Stringing Visualization | ARKA 360

Micro Inverters

Let's kick off our journey by unraveling the innovative features tailored for micro inverters within ARKA 360. The platform now offers two distinct types of strings: branches designed specifically for microinverters and traditional strings catering to string inverters. The introduction of color-coded branches brings a visual revolution to the design landscape.

Each branch is dynamically color-coded, allowing for swift and intuitive identification. Whether you're adjusting the number of branches or fine-tuning their configurations, the color-coded system ensures that every modification is accompanied by a clear visual cue, enhancing accuracy and reducing the likelihood of errors.

String Inverters

Diving deeper, let's explore the enhancements tailored for string inverters. ARKA 360's enhanced UI introduces a groundbreaking feature where colors denote the maximum PowerPoint tracking (MPPT) for each string. MPPT, a critical parameter in solar power systems, is now effortlessly visualized through intuitive color-coded representations.

This feature empowers designers to optimize system performance by swiftly identifying and managing strings based on their distinct MPPT values, thereby maximizing efficiency and output.

Did you know? ARKA 360 supercharges solar designs for precision and accuracy. 🚀

Unique Identifiers and Design Clarity

Ensuring design clarity and precision, ARKA 360 assigns unique identifiers to each string upon completion of the stringing process. These identifiers serve as beacons of efficiency, facilitating rapid reference and modification of specific strings throughout the design phase.

By streamlining the identification process, ARKA 360 significantly reduces the likelihood of errors and confusion, fostering a seamless design experience.

Seamless Export to AutoCAD

ARKA 360 goes a step further in enhancing your design workflow by offering a seamless export feature to AutoCAD. This integration eliminates the cumbersome process of manual data transfer, allowing for an effortless transition from ARKA 360 to AutoCAD for further refinement or integration into larger design projects.

With ARKA 360, the boundaries between design platforms dissolve, paving the way for a unified and streamlined design ecosystem.


ARKA 360's enhanced UI for stringing represents a paradigm shift in solar power system design. From the intuitive color-coded branches and MPPT-based string visualization to the incorporation of unique identifiers and seamless export to AutoCAD, ARKA 360 sets a new standard for efficiency and clarity in solar system design.

With these innovations, ARKA 360 reaffirms its commitment to providing designers with a user-friendly and efficient solution for their solar power system design endeavors.