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Solar Design Head-to-head: 5 Areas Where ARKA 360 Beats Aurora for Solar Design

Solar Design Head-to-head: 5 Areas Where ARKA 360 Beats  Aurora for Solar Design

Choosing the appropriate solar design software is paramount in today's rapidly evolving energy landscape, where the accuracy of designs, efficient and sustainable solutions, and easy-to-use and learn software are in high demand. Multiple solar design software tools and platforms are available to solar businesses today. How can you decide which tool will be best suited for your needs? How do we compare features across these options?

This article will do a head-to-head comparison of two of the leading solar design software - ARKA 360 and Aurora to inform and educate the reader on both platforms' strengths and growth areas. We hope you will find this useful in your research to find the best software platform for solar design.


In this comprehensive comparison, we will delve into the key features, functionalities, and pricing structures of ARKA 360 and Aurora, two leading contenders in the solar design software market. We will cover this through real-life use cases and share how each software accomplishes the task the solar installer/design team must complete.

Additionally, we will cover the softer aspects of both software/companies, i.e. ease of use, training options available, regular updates, and customer support practices.

Top 5 Design Needs for Solar EPC/Installers

Sales & Lead Management: ARKA 360 specialized made-for-solar CRM leaves Aurora’s basic lead management far behind.

With reducing export rates, solar EPC/Installers are under pressure to improve their lead management and conversion to both save costs and increase their close rates. They need modern tools to manage their relationships with customers and prospects.

ARKA 360 shines in this area with its robust made-for-solar CRM with multiple business dashboard capabilities. Users can track the status of leads and enjoy the flexibility of creating entirely new dashboards. Sorting, filtering, and pipeline management options empower users to stay organized and focused. Additionally, task scheduling, tracking, notifications, and an activity timeline for lead activity monitoring enhance productivity and collaboration.

On the contrary, Aurora lacks a CRM dashboard, lacking the extensive tracking and management features available in ARKA 360.

If your sales pipeline is leaking or moving too slowly; opportunities are getting dropped and customers are complaining about a lack of regular follow-ups, you need a made-for-solar CRM, and ARKA 360 is your best bet here.

Design & CAD Tools: ARKA 360’s advanced CAD tools and integrated engineering provide a superior experience than Aurora

The growing complexity of solar installations requires specialized tools capable of handling intricate calculations, shading analysis, and 3D modeling to design solar arrays with accuracy and efficiency. Nonetheless, a lot of businesses struggle with issues including inadequate design features, a lack of connection with high-resolution photos, and inaccurate project plan visualization.

These difficulties may result in less-than-ideal designs, higher project expenses, and longer project completion times. Having cutting-edge design tools is essential for solar project planners and installers who work for EPC organizations.

ARKA 360's design tools address these pain points effectively. The Solar Layout Designer provides users with a comprehensive platform for visualizing and optimizing solar installations. The integration of near-map 3D data enhances the design process by providing access to high-resolution aerial imagery and 3D models, allowing for accurate project planning and visualization.

ARKA 360 also offers advanced shading analysis capabilities, 3D structures, a single-axis tracker, east-west racking, customizable design parameters, and tools for precise project layout planning.

Aurora primarily focuses on in-ground mount functionality and automated obstruction handling, simplifying panel placement and optimizing design efficiency. However, it does not offer basic 3D views of mounts while placing the panels. This can leave both the installers and the customers without a clear visualization of how the solar plant will look along with the mounting structure.

Quick Proposals: ARKA 360’s accurate, customizable, automatic data population accelerates decision-making

Prompt and precise proposal writing is essential for Solar EPC firms and installers to ensure efficient client communication and project estimating. Long proposal creation procedures, mistakes made during manual data entry, and difficulties tailoring bids to customer requirements are common problems faced by many businesses. These difficulties may cause opportunities to be lost, customer response times to be delayed, and sales workflow inefficiencies.

ARKA 360's quick proposal feature streamlines proposal generation by integrating tools, and eliminating manual data entry. The automated data population ensures accuracy, while real-time editing allows adjustments during client interactions. Instant sharing options via email or the ARKA 360 platform facilitate quick decision-making and enhance client satisfaction.

Aurora offers complete proposal customization for users who demand absolute control over every aspect of their proposal creation process allowing them to upload pictures from the device to the proposal, various fonts, and color selections.

Modern Obstruction Management: ARKA 360’s advanced and accurate shade analysis and optimized panel placements delivered improved project outcomes

Effective obstacle control is essential for solar EPC firms and installers to maximize energy output and optimize solar panel location. The long-term performance and efficiency of solar projects depend on the identification of possible shading impediments and the mitigation of their effects.

But many businesses also have to deal with issues including imprecise shading analysis, inadequate simulation power, and troubles handling intricate shading scenarios.

ARKA 360 aids Modern Obstruction Management and empowers Solar EPC companies and installers by providing highly accurate shading analysis, optimized panel placement, customizable parameters, and streamlined obstruction management processes. This advanced solution ensures improved project outcomes, enhanced energy system efficiency, and greater customer satisfaction.

Aurora offers a combination of manual and AI-based obstruction detection. This advanced feature automates the identification of obstructions, streamlining the design process and reducing errors.

Sales Mode Designer: ARKA 360’s mobility-friendly platform enables EPCs to be productive from anywhere, anytime

Mobility is essential to project management and on-site operations for solar EPC businesses and installers. To maximize productivity and guarantee project success, it is imperative to have mobile access to project data, engage with team members, and make well-informed choices.

However, many businesses deal with issues including poor field operation efficiency, a lack of team communication, and restricted access to real-time data.

ARKA 360 provides a mobility-friendly platform for Solar EPC companies and installers, enabling real-time access to project data, documents, and communications from any location.

It offers collaboration tools like instant messaging, file sharing, and task assignments for seamless communication and collaboration. Under ARKA 360’s Sales Mode, users can create designs and proposals in 4-5 mins.

Aurora's sales mode focuses on quick proposal generation and contract management, offering convenience.

Did You Know? With ARKA 360, you can increase your solar sales conversion by a WHOOPING 300%. 🚀

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What Sets ARKA 360 Apart from the Aurora?

ARKA 360 stands out as a superior solution when compared to Aurora, offering a suite of advanced features and capabilities that revolutionize solar management. Let's delve into how ARKA 360 outperforms Aurora across these critical areas.

Lead Management Dashboard:

  • ARKA 360 offers a comprehensive lead management dashboard that provides a holistic view of leads, their progress, and key metrics.
  • Users can easily track lead statuses, prioritize leads based on various criteria, and make data-driven decisions to improve lead conversion rates.

CRM & Task Management:

  • ARKA 360 integrates seamlessly with CRM systems, allowing for efficient customer relationship management and streamlined task management.
  • Users can manage customer interactions, track tasks, set reminders, and collaborate effectively within the platform, leading to improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

Services Ordering:

  • ARKA 360 simplifies service ordering by providing a user-friendly interface for requesting and managing services related to solar projects.
  • Users can easily place orders, track service requests, and ensure timely delivery of services, thereby enhancing project efficiency and customer experience.

Energy Storage Simulations:

  • ARKA 360 offers advanced energy storage simulations that enable users to model and analyze energy storage solutions for solar projects.
  • Users can simulate different storage scenarios, evaluate performance metrics, and optimize energy storage configurations to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Why Choose ARKA 360?

ARKA 360, with its innovative features and cutting-edge technology, surpasses Aurora in various key areas, solidifying its position as the preferred choice for modern, affordable, and efficient solar management solutions.

Despite Aurora's legacy, ARKA 360's advancements and capabilities set it apart as the next-generation platform for streamlined solar project management.

Affordable: ARKA 360 is designed to be cost-effective, offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality or features. Small to medium-sized businesses can benefit from its affordability without sacrificing essential functionalities.

Modern Interface: ARKA 360 boasts a sleek and intuitive user interface, making it easy for users to navigate and utilize its full range of features. Its modern design enhances user experience and promotes efficiency in managing solar projects.

Integration with CRM: ARKA 360 is fully integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, allowing businesses to manage customer interactions, leads, and projects from a centralized platform. This integration enhances data accuracy, streamlines processes, and improves customer relationship management.

Commercial Focus: ARKA 360 is tailored to meet the needs of commercial solar projects, offering features and tools specifically designed for commercial installations. Its robust capabilities cater to the complexities of commercial solar management, including financial analysis, project scalability, and regulatory compliance.

Cloud-Based Platform: Being cloud-based, ARKA 360 provides the flexibility of accessing data and tools from anywhere, at any time, as long as there's an internet connection. This ensures seamless collaboration among team members and eliminates the need for on-premises infrastructure.

Quick Proposals: ARKA 360 enables users to generate proposals quickly and efficiently. With customizable templates, interactive 3D simulations, and detailed system metrics, users can create professional proposals that impress clients and expedite decision-making processes.

Streamlined Workflow: ARKA 360 optimizes workflow management by providing tools for task assignments, reminders, and progress tracking. Its intuitive workflow features ensure that projects are completed on time and with maximum efficiency, boosting overall productivity.


ARKA 360 is a modern, exceptional solar design platform that stands out among others due to its specialized tools and features tailored for complex solar energy projects. In today's business landscape, where efficiency and productivity are paramount, ARKA 360 offers professionals and companies the necessary tools to excel in solar design.

Whether you are an experienced solar energy expert looking to streamline processes or a progressive company investing in renewable energy, choosing the right software like ARKA 360 is crucial for success.

Take the next step towards success in solar design with ARKA 360. To see the difference for yourself, schedule a demo right now. Elevate your projects, drive business growth, and stay ahead of the game with ARKA 360 as your trusted partner.