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ARKA 360's Innovative Remote Site Survey Solution For Solar Installations

ARKA 360's Innovative Remote Site Survey Solution For Solar Installations

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we're thrilled to introduce our new site survey feature. Designed to streamline the process of conducting site surveys, this feature empowers users with flexibility and efficiency like never before.

We'll delve into the intricacies of this tool, exploring its two distinct options and how they can enhance your workflow. Whether you're unable to visit the site in person or prefer the convenience of digital surveys, our site survey feature is tailored to meet your needs seamlessly.

Option 1:

Sending the Site Survey Link to the Customer:

Let's start by unraveling the first option available within our site survey feature. To kickstart the survey process, users can navigate to our lead portal on the website and select the lead they're working on. Once on the project info page, a simple click allows users to send the site survey link directly to the customer.

This functionality proves invaluable for web-based sales or scenarios where physical site visits aren't feasible. By empowering customers to complete the survey at their convenience, we eliminate guesswork and scheduling conflicts.

Furthermore, the platform meticulously records customer responses, furnishing users with invaluable data for analysis and decision-making.

ARKA 360's Innovative Remote Site Survey Solution For Solar Installations

Option 2:

Conducting the Site Survey on a Mobile Device or Computer:

Alternatively, users can opt to take charge of the site survey process themselves, leveraging their mobile device or computer. Upon clicking the "view site survey" button, users are seamlessly guided through the survey's initial steps.

Here, they're prompted to delineate property boundaries by simply clicking on the corners, which are automatically listed for convenience. For ground mount installations, users have the flexibility to assign names to corners accordingly, ensuring clarity and precision. Once boundaries are defined, users seamlessly transition to the subsequent steps.

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The next phase involves uploading maps or photos of the designated corners, a process facilitated with step-by-step directions. Whether users opt to capture on-site photos, mark locations on Google Maps, or upload existing images, our platform accommodates diverse preferences with ease.

Should users choose to mark locations on the map, they can do so effortlessly by clicking on the desired corner and assigning a name. Furthermore, users can supplement their survey with additional photos depicting crucial details like electrical connections or obstacles such as trees.

Once all requisite information is provided, users can promptly submit the site survey to our dedicated team, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.


Our new site survey feature presents users with two convenient options for gathering essential data. Whether you opt to empower customers with remote survey completion or prefer to conduct surveys yourself using our intuitive platform, rest assured that both avenues promise a seamless experience.

With our commitment to enhancing efficiency and ensuring comprehensive data capture, we invite you to explore this feature further. Should you desire a more detailed walkthrough or have any inquiries, our team is readily available to assist.