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Why go Solar? Benefits in 2024

Benifits of going solar in 2022

Everybody is talking about Solar Energy. In this article, we shall go over the key benefits of solar energy for an individual.

ARKA 360 was founded to evangelize solar energy’s advantages to the world.

The sooner you adopt solar, the sooner you start saving. Solar power became cheaper than electricity in 2012. It is 30-70% cheaper than electricity now. If you haven’t got solar yet, you are missing out on savings you can avail of right now. Every rupee saved is a rupee earned.

Electricity prices rose about 7-8% yearly over the last 7 years.

Our math shows that purchasing a solar system on EMI is more financially prudent than not going solar.

Be the visionary in your neighborhood

Get the solar bragging quotient. People across India are adopting solar for cheaper and greener energy. All new technologies are undertaken by a few visionaries who dare to think differently. Solar is a tried and tested technology.

Shifting houses? No problem. Net metering policies are available in almost every state in India. The solar system can be dismantled and carried to the new location.

A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) concluded that houses with solar sell 20% faster than houses with no solar and for more money. In the case of a move, you can sell the house with solar.

$ Benefits Now >> $ Lower Solar system cost tomorrow

The price of solar systems is indeed dropping. We compared the rate of yearly price decrease to the benefits of solar yearly and found that it is more beneficial to adopt solar as soon as possible instead of waiting for price drops in solar.

In commercial/ industrial establishments, the government has currently allowed accelerated depreciation of solar plants at 40% year-on-year as opposed to 15% for machinery in plants. AD of 80% was allowed a year ago. The residential sector, hospitals, and educational institutes can avail of a 30% government subsidy while it remains available. It is best to adopt solar soon to take advantage of these schemes.

Save your Health

Indian cities are fast becoming unbreathable. Much of this is due to thermal power. You can be assured that switching to clean solar energy makes you a direct contributor to clean air. You will feel extremely good about adopting solar.

The threat of climate change is very real. If we do not do something about it, our children will face serious consequences. Installing 1 kW of solar is as good as planting an acre of trees in combating CO2 emissions. We can all contribute!

Solar with raised solar roofs

Things like staircases, water tanks, chimneys, and ACs will affect the area available for a solar installation. Solar panels can also be installed on raised structures over these obstacles in this case. If you want to use the roof for activities, that can be done with a solar installation. Raised structures can be used to install solar panels. There is the added benefit of shade on the roof where you can sit and enjoy.