Top 5 Best Supply & Logistics Software for Solar Businesses 2024

Top 5 Best Other Supply & Logistics Software for Solar Businesses 2024

In the dynamic world of solar businesses, efficient supply chain and logistics management are paramount. To meet the demands of this industry, specialized software solutions play a crucial role in streamlining operations, enhancing visibility, and ensuring compliance. This article explores the top 5 supply and logistics software solutions for solar businesses in 2024, shedding light on their features, pricing models, accessibility, and ease of use.

Why We Need Supply & Logistics Software

Solar businesses operate in a complex ecosystem, requiring seamless coordination across the supply chain and logistics. These software solutions are designed to address challenges related to data documentation, visibility, procurement, and compliance. By implementing cutting-edge supply and logistics software, solar companies can optimize their operations, reduce costs, and ensure the smooth flow of materials and information.

Top 5 Other Supply & Logistics Software

1. SG LoadProof

SG LoadProof

Description: SG LoadProof is a patent-pending Centralized Enterprise Photo/Video Document System on the Cloud for the Supply Chain. Recognizing the importance of photos and videos as crucial documents, LoadProof serves as an enterprise system of record for visual proof in supply chain operations. It offers a centralized repository for photos and videos, ensuring secure storage, accessibility, and quick retrieval. LoadProof is essential for providing indisputable proof of critical operations within and across organizations involved in the supply chain.


  • Centralized photo/video document system
  • System of record for visual proof
  • Secure storage and retrieval
  • Single authority on visual documentation
  • Enhanced data integrity and credibility

Pricing: Request a demo for pricing

Accessibility on Devices: Accessible on various devices for secure document retrieval.

Ease of Use: Intuitive platform designed for the supply chain industry.

Website: SG LoadProof

2. RSView®32™


Description: RSView32™ is an integrated, component-based Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for monitoring and controlling automation machines and processes. Developed by Rockwell Software, RSView32™ expands visibility through open technologies, providing unprecedented connectivity to other Rockwell Software products, Microsoft products, and third-party applications. It is designed to enhance monitoring and control capabilities in automation.


  • Integrated HMI for automation
  • Connectivity to Rockwell Software and Microsoft products
  • Component-based architecture
  • Monitoring and control functionalities

Pricing: Contact Rockwell Automation for pricing details

Accessibility on Devices: Designed for monitoring and control on various devices.

Ease of Use: User-friendly interface for automation monitoring.

Website: Rockwell Automation - RSView®32™

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3. Applegate Marketplace

Applegate Marketplace

Description: Applegate Marketplace assists buyers in sourcing products and services for their businesses. The cloud-based procurement system, Applegate PRO, enables buyers to request multiple quotes for a wide range of items, from office supplies to engineering components. The online marketplace provides fast access to over 140,000 suppliers and millions of products, simplifying procurement processes for businesses.


  • Cloud-based procurement system
  • Multiple quotes request
  • Access to a vast supplier network
  • Streamlined tendering processes

Pricing: Contact Applegate Marketplace for pricing details

Accessibility on Devices: Accessible through various devices for streamlined procurement.

Ease of Use: Simplified processes for efficient tendering and procurement.

Website: Applegate Marketplace

4. Oracle Global Trade Management

Oracle Global Trade Management

Description: Oracle Global Trade Management is designed to optimize and streamline business processes related to cross-border trade. This software solution provides solar businesses with tools to enhance trade compliance, reduce risks, and improve overall efficiency in global trade operations. It is a comprehensive system tailored to meet the complexities of international supply chain management.


  • Optimization of cross-border trade
  • Trade compliance management
  • Risk reduction
  • Enhanced efficiency in global trade operations

Pricing: Contact Oracle for pricing details

Accessibility on Devices: Accessible on various devices for global trade management.

Ease of Use: Comprehensive tools for simplified international supply chain management.

Website: Oracle Global Trade Management

5. OEConnection (OEC)

OEConnection (OEC)

Description: OEConnection (OEC) is a technology company providing original equipment (OE) automotive parts software solutions. While not directly focused on solar businesses, OEC's technology solutions offer valuable insights into managing the supply chain for original equipment. With a focus on automotive parts, OEC's software solutions could be adapted for solar businesses with complex supply chain needs.


  • Original equipment (OE) automotive parts software
  • Technology solutions for supply chain management
  • Tailored for managing automotive parts supply chain

Pricing: Contact OEConnection for pricing details

Accessibility on Devices: Tailored technology solutions for supply chain management on various devices.

Ease of Use: Specialized software solutions for managing original equipment supply chains.

Website: OEConnection


The solar industry's supply chain and logistics requirements demand sophisticated solutions to ensure seamless operations. The top 5 supply and logistics software solutions highlighted in this article offer diverse features catering to the specific needs of solar businesses. By adopting these technologies, solar companies can streamline their processes, enhance visibility, and ultimately contribute to the sustainable growth of the renewable energy sector.