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Advanced Energy Analysis with Consumption Profile Phase 2 | ARKA 360

Advanced Energy Analysis with Consumption Profile Phase 2 | ARKA 360

In this extensive blog post, we're embarking on a deep dive into the intricate process of adding a consumption profile for leads. We aim to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the various options available for inputting consumption data and how to effectively visualize it for in-depth analysis.

By following these meticulously outlined steps, you'll gain invaluable insights into a user's energy consumption patterns, empowering you to make informed decisions and recommendations to optimize energy usage and efficiency.

Initiating the Consumption Profile Addition

To kickstart the journey toward understanding energy consumption patterns, navigate to the lead summary page within the browser info tab. Here, within the Californian lead's profile, you'll find the essential tools required to add a consumption profile. It's imperative to ensure that you've already incorporated the utility rate for the user to facilitate seamless data integration.

Exploring the Array of Options for Adding Consumption Data

Advanced Energy Analysis with Consumption Profile Phase 2 | ARKA 360

Within the consumption profile section, you'll encounter a diverse array of options, each tailored to cater to different data input preferences and scenarios. Let's delve into the four distinctive options at your disposal:

  1. Monthly Electricity Bill: Kickstarting with the manual entry option, you can meticulously input the user's monthly electricity bill data. This method offers a detailed overview of their energy usage over time, empowering you to identify trends and patterns.
  2. Green Button Data: Central to our discussion is the Green Button Data option, a powerful tool for data visualization and analysis. By selecting this option, you gain the ability to upload the user's XML file containing their consumption data. Once uploaded, the platform provides comprehensive visualizations of the user's daily consumption throughout the year, categorizing data by season and differentiating between weekdays and weekends. This holistic view enables you to glean nuanced insights into their energy usage patterns.
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  1. CSV File: For users with interval data stored in spreadsheet format, the CSV file option provides a seamless solution. Simply paste the data from your CSV file into the designated area, specifying the interval unit and start date. This facilitates the analysis of consumption patterns across various seasons and offers a detailed breakdown of monthly consumption.
  2. Utility API: For advanced users seeking real-time data integration, the Utility API option offers a direct connection to the utility company's application programming interface (API). Although this option requires integration with the utility company's system and may entail additional setup steps, it provides unparalleled access to up-to-date consumption data.

Visualizing Consumption Patterns with Precision

Upon successfully incorporating consumption data through any of the available options, the platform offers intuitive graphical representations to visualize consumption patterns. These visualizations enable you to analyze trends across different seasons, compare consumption between weekdays and weekends, and delve into monthly consumption breakdowns with precision and clarity.


Adding a consumption profile for leads on our platform is a seamless and versatile process, offering multiple avenues for data input. Whether you opt for manual entry, XML file uploads, CSV data pasting, or utility API integration, the platform's robust visualization tools empower you to unravel the complexities of energy consumption patterns effectively.

By leveraging these insights, you can formulate data-driven decisions and recommendations to optimize energy usage and enhance efficiency. Embrace this process today to embark on a journey towards a more sustainable and informed approach to energy management.